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In a context of flagrant world injustice, our motivation is rather simple. We, a group of men and women sensitive to this unfairness - due to once being victims or coherent to it - feel it is imperative that the profits of our work are not only ours but to be shared with others who also suffer from this injustice and to fight to find new ways to overcome it and offer an alternative.


With the creation of this prize, the Abbé Pierre Foundation wants to give recognition and support to actions of collective solidarity arising from the common people in places in the world where there is great exclusion and poverty. In other words, we want to highlight an action carried out and declare our support for a cause.


We are not seeking competitiveness, which is so characteristic of today's dominant mentality, but to bring to light and enhance a collective effort emerging from situations where all seems negative and hopeless. We oppose, therefore, the power of the money accumulated by few who make decisions according to their own best interests.


In this way, our foundation adds a new activity in order to reach its main objectives:

  • To make Abbé Pierre and his ideology known and to highlight his works as a compromise for the construction of a society fairer and more caring.

  • To create spaces for exchange, cooperation and learning between the collectives and the institutions that work in the field of local sustainable development. That is to say, to create mutual help networks in those population sectors in a context of social exclusion.

Perharps in this manner, it would be is possible to reverse the decline to where we are being lead by this money-centered civilisation, and like this, create a new spirit: that of the immense human and spiritual richness of the millions of poor worldwide.


The prize is awarded yearly in January in the proximity of the anniversary of Abbé Pierre's death. Therefore, it is at the same time a memorial to Abbé Pierre.


This year, the first official announcement, the criteria of awarding the prize are as follows.

The recognition granted includes a beret, like that Abbe Pierre used wear, and the amount of �10,000 together with the cost of the journey for the person who will come to collect it and explain extensively the activity that the community awarded is carrying out.


This prize is always awarded to collectives. realizing a community project of solidarity.

List of candidates

Any person or organization who know of any experience that fulfils the aforementioned requirements can put a candidate forward. The said presentation should be submitted in writing in a maximum of three pages and allow the Emaus Foundation to establish direct contact with the candidate.
This year, the time given for submitting candidates is from 1st October until 30th November.


Its body is assigned by the Abbé Pierre Foundation. By 15th December the panel will have decided the collective to be awarded.


The time and place of the presentation will be appropriately advised and will always take place on 22nd January, the anniversary of Abbé Pierre's death.


2007 ceremony


2007 ceremony


2007 ceremony